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The EasyBuild community

Group picture at EasyBuild User Meeting 2020

EasyBuild has grown into a community project since it was first released publicy in 2012, and is used and developed by hundreds of HPC centres and consortia worldwide.

Since 2016, the EasyBuild community has gathered for a yearly EasyBuild User Meeting, which is an open and highly interactive event that provides a great opportunity to meet fellow EasyBuild users, developers, and maintainers, and to discuss related topics, learn about new aspects of the tool, and how other HPC sites leverage it and integrate it with other tools like Jenkins, Ansible, CernVM-FS, ReFrame etc.

The map below shows from which cities the EasyBuild documentation has been visited in the last year (June 1st 2020 - June 1st 2021), and how often.

Cities from which EasyBuild documentation has been visited last year (June 2019-June 2020

HPC sites, consortia, and companies that use EasyBuild include (but are not limited to):

VSC logo JSC logo HPCNow! logo Fred Hutch logo Vienna BioCenter logo CÉCI logo Compute Canada logo UiO logo BEAR logo SNIC logo National University of Singapore logo IT4Innovations logo Texas A&M logo TU Dresden logo University of Melbourne logo University of Luxembourg logo EPCC logo Cyprus Institute logo University of Basel logo Microsoft logo

Getting help


If you have any questions about EasyBuild, make sure to check the EasyBuild documentation first, which is available at

It is not unlikely that an answer to your question is available there already. The search box on the top left may be helpful.


You can open an issue in one of the EasyBuild repositories in the easybuilders GitHub organisation to ask questions, report problems or share suggestions and ideas for additional improvements.

Please try to post the issue in the most suitable repository. If you are not sure which repository is most suited just go ahead and open the issue anyway, the EasyBuild maintainers can move your issue if deemed appropriate.

Also here you can use the search box on the top left, to see if somebody else has already asked a similar question or reported a similar problem.

Mailing list

Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback via the EasyBuild mailing list

Keep in mind that you must be subscribed to the mailing list in order to post messages there! You can subscribe via this link.

In 2016-2017 over 1,000 messages were posted to the EasyBuild mailing list. More recently this has decreased to about 700 messages per year, mostly due to the EasyBuild Slack channel.


Slack logo

The EasyBuild Slack is a quick and easy way to get in touch with the EasyBuild community. Over 450 people have joined it so far, and there is usually somebody awake in there who may be able to help you out.

To join the EasyBuild Slack request an invitation via

If you are not a big fan of Slack, you can also consider joining the #easybuild IRC channel (available on the Libera IRC network). A bot relays messages between this IRC channel and the #general channel in the EasyBuild Slack.


A dedicated #tutorial-isc21 channel was created for this tutorial in the EasyBuild Slack.

If you have any questions that are specific to this tutorial, please post them there!

Conference calls

Every other week on Wednesday an EasyBuild conference call is set up to discuss recent developments, provide an outlook to the next EasyBuild release, and provide answers to questions that can be raised by the people attending the call.

These conference calls are open to anyone interested in the EasyBuild project, and have been organised since November 2013.

More information, including the dates and times of the next calls, is available here.

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Last update: April 21, 2022